Who is KSKJ Life?

KSKJ Life is a member-owned, community-focused organization that has advocated for families and communities since 1894.
We provide financial security through life insurance and annuity products and invest time and money to enhance local communities.

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The Board of Directors is KSKJ Life’s supreme governing body under the laws of the State of Illinois.
The board governs, sets policies, advises, provides valuable direction and serves the interests of our members.

As of 2020, our governance structure converted to a direct-election model where all benefit members have the opportunity to vote to elect the National Board of Directors.


KSKJ Life Board responsibilities include:

-Creates and assists in the implementation of our organizational strategic plans
-Monitors financial and business objectives
-Works with the home office executive staff to assess and manage risk

You can learn more about KSKJ Life’s organizational structure and updated election procedures by reviewing our Bylaws.

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Terms of office shall be staggered such that four elected Directors’ terms of office expire every two years. Following the election of all elected Directors in 2022, the Board of Directors shall designate four (4) elected Directors to serve a 2-year term and four (4) elected Directors to serve 4-year term.

The Board of Directors is the supreme governing body of the Society under the laws of the State of Illinois. They govern, set policy, advise, provide valuable direction and help guide this growing organization.

Yes.  All beneficial member in good standing is eligible to vote.

Any beneficial member in good standing can submit a vote.   Please refer to Bylaws, Section 705 for Election Procedures.

A beneficial member is a person of age 16 or older who has been accepted for membership and who is an insured or annuitant, or a recipient of a settlement agreement benefit by reason of, any benefit certificate issued by the Society.

December 6, 2022
Dear members, agents, and stakeholders of KSKJ Life,

I’m excited to communicate with you the results of the Board of Directors leadership appointments that were made this past weekend.  These appointments will begin January 1, 2023.

This is a new process for KSKJ Life as a result of the referendum that was passed in 2020 to update our governance to a direct election model.  As a result of that change, we held our first board of director election this past spring, with all adult members having the opportunity to cast a ballot to elect our national board, with all directors being elected “at-large.”  The board has the responsibility to appoint their own leadership and positions, which they successfully coordinated for the first time.

As a reminder, with the referendum we also established staggered terms, meaning we will hold an election every two years for half of the board positions.  Given that, the board agreed that the leadership responsibilities listed below would be for a two-year cycle.

Please join me in congratulating our new national board leadership on their appointments and thanking them for their leadership and service to KSKJ Life!

Tony Mravle, CEO


  • Anthony Menart

    Eveleth, MN

    Chair of Board & Election Committee Member

  • Philip Hrvatin

    Lyndhurst, OH

    Vice Chair of Board & Compensation Committee Member

  • Daniel Mihelich

    Joliet, IL

    Chair of Finance Committee

  • Julie Schneller

    Shawnee, KS

    Chair of Audit Committee & Election
    Committee Member

  • Daniel Golob

    Pueblo, CO

    Chair of Compensation Committee, Finance Committee Member & Election Committee Member

  • MaryLou Stefanick

    Beach Park, IL

    Chair of Election Committee & Audit
    Committee Member

  • Michael J. Vidmar

    Chicago, IL

    Audit Committee Member & Compensation Committee Member

  • Ashley Mikulan

    Gibsonia, PA

    Finance Committee Member

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