We are Scout.

Engineers, designers and security experts based in Chicago, IL

Scout was born when one of the founders went to buy a home security system for his new house in Chicago. He quickly found that, not only is home security 20 years behind the times, it's so expensive that 83% of homes in the USA go without. With that, the team went to work.

In February of 2013, Scout launched an independent crowdfunding campaign to pre-sell its devices. Within 30 days, Scout exceeded its goal. Since then, over $500,000 worth of systems have been sold. Scout was possible because of people like you - backers who shared a common problem and common vision. Our customers gave this company its start and their needs are what drive our company daily.

Our Mission

Create a home security system that is smart, simple and affordable.

It sounds deceptively easy. But, with thousands of connected home devices popping up each year, deciding what devices should go in your home is complicated. Not anymore. As a customer of Scout, you're going to get a thoughtful, curated home security experience from end-to-end. No nonsense, just a modern home security system for a modern home.

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